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Welcome to the revolutionary steel frame collapsible ΩMEGA BIN.

The ΩMEGA FRAME is manufactured from durable high tensile steel and thereafter coated in corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanizing which will ensure a frame that could last a lifetime. The patented collapsible design is setting new world standards in terms of collapsed height - only 95mm high in the collapsed format. The bin is light weight and easy to handle.  The positive locking mechanism ensures safety during stacking and transport.  Erecting an collapsing are easy and ultra fast as there are no are no loose parts to assemble. When collapsed only a 12th of the storage space is needed when compared to conventional wood or plastic bins.  The bin allows for 10% more fruit to be transported.  804 empty bins are loaded on an inter-link trailer and 390 bins in shipping containers. Whilst transporting the bin with either forklift or truck in it's collapsed format, huge fuel savings are achieved. Fewer forklifts, time and staff are needed - reducing operational cost and maintenance and ensuring savings throughout your operation.


The ΩMEGA BAG is manufactured from woven polyester and coated in PVC.  The coating incorporates UV stabilizers enabling the material to withstand years of direct sunlight. The material has no elongation or stretch and is extremely strong. Bruising, chafing and rubbing marks are significantly reduced through the material shaping to the fruit increasing the fruit contact area and reducing pressure.  The use of plastic bin-liners are made redundant because of the softness of the material.  The open weave construction of the material allows for maximum airflow through the produce ensuring faster cooling. It promotes even coloring of fruit during de-greening and ensures post-harvest treatment to be thoroughly applied.  The bag does not absorb any water or post-harvest chemicals, saving on wasted chemicals.  The material is treated with flame retardant chemicals making it non-flammable.  It’s easy to clean and repair with patch & solution.

At ΩMEGA we are accepting our role and responsibility to counter the effects of Global Warming on our planet. Steel can be recycled indefinitely and as a natural element it can not pollute the environment. The Omega Export bin when used in a returnable/reusable format has a 20 year plus life expectancy. The need to manufacture one way cartons, bulk wood or plastic bins would be eliminated and a new low carbon footprint standard would be set by the Omega reusable/returnable fruit packaging alternative.



The Ωmega bin excels in the following areas:

Patent Numbers: 2017/02388 / 2689209 / 10,399,741 /



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